Cooking Machine (3520W)

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●  3520w superpower, speedy

●  Manually adding food and seasoning, fully automatic stir-fry

●  Compact design, multiple machines running at the same time

●  Long life motor, full power

●  Download the cloud menu APP, get thousands of recipes

●  Attachable automatic liquid filling System

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Fully self-controlled
Save recipes on an IC card or on your mobile phone application, and connect with the machine, and once the machine receives recipes via IC card or mobile phone application, it works automatically.

Open and Close the Lid

Pour Oil and Water into Pan

Accurate Temperature For Heating

Stir Up & Turn Over

Reading Recipe



Finishing Alarm

Easy Operation
It is not only easy and convenient for customers to operate but also high-producing. One person can operate 5-6 machines at the same time.

Less Time Required
Less than 4 mins for cooking each dish, is time-saving and efficient.

Standardization of Taste
The following step on the application for standard procedures for each dish.

Private Recipes
Create an account on the application and edit any recipes you want.

High Adaptability
Free to adjust the cooking temperature and control the speed of frying.


MEGCOOK product parameter table

Rated power 3520W Style Countertop
Stove Single Name description SMART COOKING MACHINE M1
Product number C35PA01-C01 Item number MEG1M.20S
Colour Silver Material Glass-ceramic+SUS304
Dimensions mm (L×W×H) Product 500×585×355mm(Close the lid)
500×585×555mm(Open the lid)
Net weight(KG) 13.5
Hole Gross weight(KG) 16
Package 650×440×370 Manufacturing state In stock
Remarks Machine number CP

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